Coronavirus Update

7| 6| 2020

The Art Station continues to provide art therapy services to our clients using a telehealth platform and is now offering a limited number of in-person sessions at our office.  Priority for scheduling will be given to existing clients; however, we welcome new clients in person as well.  To discuss availability for in-person sessions, please call our office at (817)921-2401.

4| 20|2020

The Art Station has transitioned our existing clients to a telehealth platform and we are now able to take on new clients. Many have asked if it is possible to do art therapy online and while it’s not the same as face-to-face, it can be done.  Over the past few weeks, our art therapists have been using creativity, ingenuity, and inventiveness to find ways to engage clients in art making during their virtual sessions, using items found in the client’s home.

We accept Medicaid and major insurances (telehealth services are billable to insurance during COVID-19), we have free services for veterans and their families, and we will continue to working with all clients who uninsured or are concerned about the costs of treatment to make services affordable. If you are interested in receiving virtual art therapy services online, please call our office at 817-921-2401 to discuss the details and initiate services.


As our community increases social distancing and infection protocols, The Art Station has decided to suspend all face-to-face services for our clients and groups in order to keep our clients, our staff, and our community as safe as possible and will have an alternative therapy available to all current clients.

Effective MARCH 23, 2020, all sessions in our building will be cancelled.  Due to the FWISD campus closure, sessions that would have been held at those various locations will continue to be suspended according to FWISD protocol.

At this point, your therapist should have reached out to you using one of our contact methods on file.  Typically, this would have been by phone or email.  We have had some issues being unable to leave voicemails in fully voicemail boxes or emails being returned.  If you HAVE NOT heard from your therapist and would like to have telehealth sessions, please call our office at 817-921-2401.

Here is some additional information about operations at The Art Station for the foreseeable future:

The main number (817-921-2401) will continued to be answered Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, primarily by our administrative team who will be working remotely. Therapist calls will be directed to their voicemail for a return call.

Telehealth and telephone services are BILLABLE to your insurance and we will continue to file as usual. All copays and deductibles will apply, but if you are one of the many who are being furloughed during this time and concerned about finances, please discuss this with your therapist.

We are uncertain about when we will reopen our doors to face-to-face contact, but will communicate via email and thera-LINK. If you choose to suspend services, please call the office when things return to normal to resume your services.

While we rely on the generosity of our community to help fund The Art Station, please know that over 60% of our operating costs, which are mostly therapist salaries and personnel cost, comes from payment for services delivered. As our community contracts are suspending and our therapy sessions are being decreased, we are expecting a significant decrease in revenue over the next 2 months.  If you are able and would desire to do so, you may make tax-deductible donations to The Art Station via our website:

Again, if you have any questions or concerns about services or thera-LINK, please reach out to us.

Be well!