The Art Station’s Outsider and American Folk Art Collection

When we set out to transform Station #16 into the Art Station one of our goals was to create a space that supported our mission. We sought to create a space that was warm and encouraging…and to use the space to honor the power of creative expression. One surprising result of this effort is a growing collection of Outsider and American Folk Art donated by Founder Jane Avila and her husband John Avila. In many ways this form of art expression resembles the art therapy process–it is often created by individuals who suffer from mental and/or physical disabilities, lack formal training, or are socially and economically marginalized in some way. It is often deeply personal and spontaneously created. The artists often create for themselves–focusing on the process rather than the product. To view the Art Station’s Outsider and Folk Art Collection and to read about the artists click on the artists’ names.