Kevin Titzer

Kevin Titzer creates three-dimensional busts, statuettes and figurines using wood, metal, and other debris found near his home by the Ohio River. A native of Evansville, Indiana, the 31 year old has been making art for most of his life and has established himself in galleries in Louisville and Nashville.

Kevin says “Evansville is located next to the Ohio River and I live about five blocks away from said river. On its banks is where I scavenge most of my raw materials. Mostly the wood I use is driftwood. After tumbling around in the water, the wood is usually nice and soft and easy to carve. It also strips the bark off for me.

I started surfacing my work with tin when I lived in Terra Haute, IN. I lived there for a short time and was working with a cousin of mine who was a blacksmith. There was a surplus of reclaimed ceiling tin from old buildings in the shop. I usually try to utilize what’s around me, so I began playing with the tin. I still use the ceiling tin and also old candy tins (for more color) and sometimes plastic. Usually the only materials I buy are nails, and acrylic paint (for the heads and hands) – most everything else is recycled.”

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