North Texas Giving Tuesday | NOW

April 24, 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy as we work our way through the global pandemic of COVID-19. There are many uncertainties that weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of everyone. Please know that our Art Therapists are dedicated to helping the community deal with the mental health challenges that such a crisis triggers. Anxiety, depression, family conflict, isolation and suicidal ideation are critical needs. Here’s how we’re responding:

Tele-Health Services: We’ve implemented Tele-Health services to continue providing art therapy during the stay-at-home mandates to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. How is it possible to do art therapy via the internet? The visual technology platform is easy for clients to access and our Art Therapists are exceptionally creative in working with clients on both the therapeutic art making and treatment goals, even within the virtual sessions.

Expanding Outreach: In addition to continue to serve our clients, we are seeking to serve additional individuals who need help dealing with tangled emotions and invisible wounds of this crisis or previous trauma. We know how important it is for our community to have mental health resources. News stories have reported an increase in the number of child abuse cases.

Emergency Campaign: To help area nonprofits with unexpected costs, increased services and economic challenges brought on by COVID-19, the Communities Foundation of North Texas is hosting an online emergency giving campaign, NORTH TEXAS GIVING TUESDAY/NOW, on MAY 5th. Early giving has started. The Art Station is grateful to participate and we hope you will support us with a contribution.

We are excited to share that we have an anonymous donor that has pledged to match every contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000. So, when you donate to The Art Station, your gift will have twice the impact. Many of our clients are among the most vulnerable in our community with both mental health and financial challenges. We need your support to ensure that they receive help during this difficult time.

When I joined The Art Station six years ago, it was more than a job — the mission won my heart and I wanted to help the organization serve more people in the community. Having lost a loved one to suicide, I know how difficult it is to battle depression deeply rooted in unresolved childhood trauma. Having worked with a team of amazingly talented Art Therapists, I now also know how their unique master-level education, training and licensing in counseling and art therapy helps our clients make breakthroughs for healing and growth — frequently when other approaches are not effective. Below are a few examples of the breakthroughs:

> Weaving Trauma & Attachment Resolution: Living with grandmother after severe abuse by parents, a young girl experienced Post Traumatic Stress & Reactive Attachment Disorder. During extreme behavioral outbursts, she yelled, threw objects & physically fought caregivers & teachers. She was in & out of behavioral hospitals. Inability to attach to peers & form friendships resulted in low self-esteem, increased defiance & social withdrawal. Through art making, she connected to art therapist & later grandmother. Art making therapy sessions: a fabric weave, symbolizing her healing journey, giving her a voice & connection never experienced. Results: Breaking through barriers of Reactive Attachment Disorder & eventually reconciling with mother.

> Mapping Strings of Depression & Anxiety: Taking on the role of a caretaker for her disabled husband left a 40-year-old homeschooling mother struggling with significant depression & anxiety. With our art therapist, she described her anxiety & depression as lasers shooting from one side of her brain to the other. Creating a brain sculpture with bright worry strings wrapped around pegs on an oval board helped her visualize the anxiety & relieve tension/frustration. Results: She found positive aspects of her worries & gained control over how they affect her life.

Between now and May 5th, you have an opportunity to make it possible for more stories like this to take place. Make a donation today. And your gift will have twice the impact when it is matched by our anonymous donor!

By partnering together, we can address the mental health challenges that COVID-19 creates. Give the gift of HOPE and HEALING during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

With a grateful heart,
Peggy Marshall, CEO of The Art Station


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