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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Our mission at The Art Station is to provide art therapy to support our clients’ healing and recovery goals. Frequently, this involves deep wounds that are not always visible. Our therapists meet clients where they are at in their difficult life experiences, provide a safe place for clients to express deep and painful emotions through the process of creating art, when words are not adequate or accessible.

Being the only community-based non-profit organization with our specialized therapeutic services in Tarrant County since 2003, we are passionately committed to the pursuit of education and awareness of our community’s complex historical issues and present needs.

The Art Station wants to publicly acknowledge the deep wounds and tragic injustices that systematic racism has had on the Black community and other people of color. Following the horrific death of George Floyd, the nation’s attention has been focused on racism, its injustice and the trauma it creates.

We want our clients, colleagues, staff, volunteers and friends in the Black community to know that we hear you, we see you and stand with you in the collective expression of anger, frustration and pain. Your lives matter. And we want you to know that we believe real change is possible.

As an organization of mental health professionals, we value and uphold the importance of increased cultural sensitivity and competence to best serve every client and will continue to provide unconditional acceptance, respect and positive regard to all. We are committed to helping our community heal, and we are proactively looking for ways we can create changes needed to help in the fight against racism.