Art Therapy Workshops for Teachers

In our collaborative work with students and educators in a variety of settings across our community, we know first-hand how prevalent unresolved trauma is among students of all ages. Along with trauma, students often experience learning and social deficits and other hardships at home that can make school feel overwhelming and hopeless.  Our art therapists also know that teachers who work with traumatized students often invest so much emotionally and physically into their students it affects their body and brain.  Some of our therapists, who were school teachers prior to becoming art therapists, have expressed great interest in using their expertise to help school teachers.

This spring The Art Station is offering no-cost workshops to teachers and support staff (counselors and interventionists) who are navigating a high-stress work environment.  The workshop will emphasize the use of art therapy as a means to reduce stress and learn new coping supports needed for self-care, provide creative ways to encourage students to express emotions, and introduce art making as an approach for classroom management for students with trauma backgrounds.

The workshop will be held Saturday from 10am-1pm at The Art Station and will be completely experiential, but no art experience is needed.  Group size will be limited to 10 participants.  Please click on the interested session to register.

Session I: February 1, 2020

Session II: February 29, 2020

Session III: April 4, 2020