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About Us

Our Story

The Art Station is a gift of love from one family to the entire Fort Worth community. As its founder, Jane Avila wanted to share her personal experience of the healing power of art with others.  In the midst of struggling with the loss of her son, she began art therapy training at the Art Therapy Institute in Dallas.  Always believing in the power of art to heal, the classes did for Jane what no pills or counseling could.  With her healing came the eventual founding of The Art Station in July 2003, now housed in a historic fire station built in 1922 and located near the south-side medical district.

While the old fire station provided a location for The Art Station, the building itself needed some therapy of its own.  Built to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood, the structure is constructed in the arts and crafts style typical of the 1900 to 1925 era; however, its subtle grandeur had fallen into disrepair as several businesses had taken up residence since the fire station was closed.

Both the building’s revitalization and the establishment of the non-profit organization were a family affair.  Jane’s husband, John, owner of Thos. S. Byrne construction, mobilized the entire Fort Worth construction industry to complete the restoration in record time. For its efforts, Byrne won the 2005 Preservation Texas Rehabilitation Award.  Her son, Matthew, initially serving as the Community Development Director, was instrumental in acquiring the financial support the new agency needed.

Unsure of just how well it would be received by the community, The Art Station quietly opened its doors in September 2004 with Jane as the primary provider of treatment.  Because of the incredible response to its offerings, The Art Station added a second full-time art therapist in 2005.  In 2006, Jennifer Pappe Johnson took over the administrative duties as the Executive Director.  And in 2007, three additional therapists became members of the therapeutic team and since that time, we have been blessed to have a wonderful staff of therapists providing art therapy every day.  As we began our second decade, Peggy Marshall joined the agency as its CEO.

Our Mission

The Art Station mission is to provide a safe and encouraging environment where art making can be used to promote personal growth, uplift our hearts and help heal our minds and bodies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide, promote and advocate for the use of art therapy in the Fort Worth community.  We believe that the process of art-making within the therapeutic relationship is an effective, and often necessary, method of treatment and strive to make art therapy services available to all people in need of such treatment.

The Art Station encourages and facilitates the participation of educators and counselors in art therapy training.  We will act as a resource for information relating to art therapy and educate the public about art therapy.

Our People

2019 Board of Directors

Jane P. Avila – Founder

John Avila, Jr. – Chairman/Treasurer

Robert Mitchell – Secretary

Deborah Connor

Susan Motheral

Brian Happel


Peggy Marshall – Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Johnson, LPC-S, LMFT-S – Operations & Program Director

Heidi Tournoux-Hanshaw, LPC-AT/S, ATR-BC – Clinical Director

Debbie Preissinger – Intake Coordinator

Kasen Keller Anderson, LPC Intern, LCDC Intern, ATR Provisional

Jennifer Awad, LPC Intern, ATR Provisional – Therapist

Jashley Boatwright, LPC-AT, ATR-BC – Therapist

Elizabeth (Beth) Conley, LPC Intern, ATR Provisional  – Therapist

Diana Gibson, LPC-AT, ATR-BC – Therapist

Jordan May – Therapist

Whitney McLean, LPC-AT, ATR-BC – Therapist

Leslie Murtishaw-Castro, LPC-AT, ATR-BC – Therapist

Elizabeth (Betsy) Morand, LPC Intern, ATR Provisional – Therapist

Amber Przybyla – Therapist

Cally Tilly, LPC Intern, ATR Provisional – Therapist


Our Annual Reports

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2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report